Tweed Shire Project

Tweed Shire Council, NSW

The Council has adopted a preventative maintenance programme with Clearflow Australia where water mains are cleaned using air scouring and pigging.

Tenterfield Project

Tenterfield Shire Council, NSW

The Shire had ongoing problems with water quality and odour due to naturally occurring higher than normal deposits of manganese and iron in pipelines.

Disused Mining Project

Oz Minerals – Prominent Hills, SA

Water from a disused mining site was being pumped 20 kilometres for use in a new green-field site. The water contained high levels of salt that had built up and crystallised in the pipelines, restricting flow and reducing the efficiency of pumps.

Lower Murray Water Project

Lower Murray Water, Vic

Over 1,300 kilometres of pipeline, of different sizes, was air scoured to remove naturally occurring bio-films and bacteria build up.

Gas Pipeline Project

John Holland, Victoria

A newly commissioned gas pipeline was failing to deliver gas to the desired new connection. The pipe was blocked and water was found to have entered the pipe during construction, preventing the flow of gas.

Gwydir Shire Project

Gwydir Shire Council, NSW

Most of the town’s 35 kilometres of pipelines were commissioned 50 years ago and have never been cleaned.

Glen Innes Severn Project

Glen Innes Severn Council, NSW

The oldest of Glen Innes’s town pipelines were installed 83 years ago and heavy deposits of manganese and iron that are endemic to water in this region had built up over time.

Cowra Shire Project

Cowra Shire Council, NSW

Cowra Council was experiencing heavy water discolouration to the water supply to residents and a high number of customer complaints.

Cobar Shire Project

Cobar Shire Council, NSW

Clearflow was engaged to address issues of water quality using air scouring. The task was difficult due to lack of reticulation system information and lack of general maintenance. It is an ongoing contract.

Banana Shire Council Project

Banana Shire Council, QLD

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