Clearflow’s reputation for consistent results landed us the largest head contract ever awarded in Australia, air scouring over 1300kms of pipeline for Lower Murray Water, Vic

Welcome to Clearflow Australia.

We hope you spend some time to look over our site and see why we are one of Australia’s most respected companies when it comes to cleaning, preventative maintenance, trouble-shooting and crisis management for all pipeline systems.
We specialize in pigging and air scouring for the maintenance and refurbishment of any pipeline, whether it be for:
  • residential consumption;
  • industrial use;
  • the mining and extractive sector; or
  • agriculture.
Like our competitors we tick all the boxes for industry practice and service standards but offer additional great reasons to choose Clearflow Australia. We:
  • specialize in pigging and air scouring for the maintenance and refurbishment of any pipeline;
  • have been serving the pipeline sector for nearly three decades;
  • use the latest technology and are at the forefront of contemporary practice; and
  • are a wholly Australian owned company.

We have built our reputation around three client-centric principles that lead to the best results for our clients and the communities they serve:

  1. Clearflow Australia is the most cost-effective water pipeline maintenance and management service in comparison with our competitors. As a smaller, specialist company, our cost structure is lower and we pass these savings onto our clients. We regularly benchmark our prices against those of our competitors and we can confidently say we offer the best value and our client feedback  confirms this.
  2. We are flexible, adaptable and customize our processes to suit our clients’ specific needs. We are highly mobile and have serviced clients in some of Australia’s most remote locations.  Our crews can go virtually anywhere there is pipeline access.
  3. We are committed to environmentally responsible processes, firstly because this leads to best practice for our clients, and secondly because this is something we passionately believe in.

For nearly thirty years Clearflow Australia has either met or exceeded every client’s expectations. On only one occasion has a project been unable to be completed, and this was due to circumstances beyond Clearflow’s control. We believe that if you have a pipeline problem, Clearflow Australia can provide the solution.  Please take a look at some of our projects to see Clearflow in action and some of the feedback from our clients.

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