Mining and Gas

Clearflow Australia is an established partner and service provider to the resources sector.  The specialist nature of cleaning, refurbishing or commissioning high-pressure pipelines used to transport oil and gas is part of Clearflow’s service portfolio and we have a long history of solving complex pipeline problems. 

We have repeat mining clients who contract us to remove the build-up of tailings, minerals, slime, and slurry to restore the internal bore of vital transport pipelines. The sophisticated nature of this sector requires high tech solutions to restore pipeline efficiencies. This is achieved using a series of high-speed pigs which progressively remove layers of build-up and then attack the most resistant and resilient scale to restore the internal bore of the pipe.

High-speed pigs have the advantage of being able to clean any distance and diameter of pipeline. Their speed means minimal interruption to flows, and limited downtime for producers. These pigs produce superior results in removing heavy solids, slurries and slime that reduce internal bore size, restrict flows and overload pumps with contaminants.

Clearflow also services oil and gas clients who require dewatering, cleaning and negative dew point drying of pipelines for a range of purposes. More information on our resource sector projects is available here

Clearflow is a specialist service provider. We are not distributors of pigging equipment or pigs. Through problem analysis and consultation we determine the right process and the right pig or pigs to suit the nuances of a particular project and achieve the desired result. As part of our client-centric commitment we regularly design and commission customized pigs for specific projects in the resources sector.

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