Clearflow Australia’s vision is for urban and regional shire councils, and statutory water authorities to adopt regular and scheduled maintenance of their water pipeline infrastructure, for their long-term benefit and that of their communities. Our mission is to be the partner of choice.

Clearflow Australia

specialises in cleaning, maintaining and refurbishing water infrastructure and reticulation systems that are responsible for the reliable delivery of high-quality clean water for communities, residents, and industry. This includes raw water pipelines, large delivery pipes, and assets such as valves and hydrants.

Owners or managers of pipelines that have statutory responsibility for meeting compliance with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines, 2018 face two unavoidable problems:
  • the inevitable aging of pipeline infrastructure, leading to reduced flow and unreliable supply; and
  • the continuous build-up of scale, slime, bio-films, oxides and other contaminants that adhere to the internal surface of the pipe. Particles dislodge, ending up in potable water supplies compromising colour, quality, odour, and taste.
We know, and our accrued client data demonstrates, that regular pipeline maintenance and refurbishment prevents the need for costly troubleshooting and crisis response because it:
  • counter-acts the aging of pipelines and its effects;
  • increases the longevity of pipelines which are costly to install;
  • is more cost-effective than troubleshooting or crisis; and
  • maximizes flow assurance and water quality.

We acknowledge that any cleaning processes will reduce the build-up of deposits and will reduce problems of flows and water quality – but to restore the integrity of the internal bore to enable peak flows and optimum water quality, deposits and contaminants need to be completely removed. Clearflow Australia can solve this problem.

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