After nearly three decades of experience, Clearflow knows the best results for any pipeline problem are achieved through either pigging or air scouring.

Clearflow Australia's Services

We are a specialist service provider. Our core business is pipeline cleaning, maintenance and refurbishment, and our focus is on delivering results for our clients. The choice of process depends on the nature and circumstances of the problem and is determined through extensive consultation, issue analysis and the condition of the pipeline.

Both pipeline pigging and air scouring are effective in:
  • completely removing deposits and build-up of slime, sediment and biofilms;
  • returning the internal bore to optimum efficiency;
  • promoting longevity of pipelines;
  • restoring a consistent supply of clean, high-quality water.
These outcomes can be substantiated by assessment of the pipeline’s condition before and after treatment, third party lab testing of water quality before and after treatment, and by split testing flows.


Clearflow Australia does not recommend and does not do flushing. In terms of results, flushing is the least effective pipe cleaning process. It uses the most amount of water to create the high-velocity sheer rate required to dislodge and remove physical debris. It does not completely remove sediments and scale that have adhered to the internal pipeline surface and invariably leaves debris behind.

Ice Pigging

For environmental reasons, and for comparative quality of outcomes, Clearflow Australia does not recommend or do ice-pigging.

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