Clearflow Australia designs and implements client-specific maintenance plans so that owners and managers of water pipeline systems can pro-actively manage and protect their assets.  

Maintenance and Asset Management

Water infrastructure is one of our nation’s most valuable and relied upon assets. As pipelines age the need for regular cleaning and maintenance becomes increasingly important to counter the effects of inevitable deterioration. 

Urban and regional councils, and state water authorities that have experienced the negative effects of interrupted water supply, and the costs of troubleshooting are committing to scheduled pipeline cleaning and preventative maintenance, as it is more cost-effective in the long term.

Outsourcing the maintenance of water reticulation systems has several advantages for pipeline owners and managers:

  • a specialist operator performs the task;
  • predictable cost of maintenance;
  • reduced need for unexpected large-budget capital spending;
  • reporting on potential environmental, health and safety issues;
  • continuous upgrading or improvement of pipelines; and
  • meeting the quality expectations of stakeholders and end-users.

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Scheduled maintenance

Clearflow Australia designs and implements client-specific maintenance plans so that owners and managers of water pipeline systems can proactively manage and protect their assets.

We also add in a few extra services that are not included by our competitors.  A typical plan includes a pipeline health check and diagnosis, inspection and reporting on hydrant and valve conditions, flow and pressure testing of hydrants, infrastructure mapping, reservoir appraisals, and recommendations.

A systematically planned maintenance program is an opportunity to collect and update important system information, including:

  • identifying system water quality hotspots;
  •  locating unlined or deteriorating sections of mains for refurbishment;
  • locating inoperable hydrants and valves for replacement;
  • identifying critical valves and hydrants for rectification;
  • updating identification systems; and
  • updating hard copy infrastructure plans with accurate base information.

Clearflow’s scheduled maintenance plans also include an anticipated cost structure to assist with resource allocation and budget planning.

Infrastructure Mapping and GPS Information

As part of our commitment to preventative maintenance, Clearflow adds value by updating infrastructure mapping and GPS information.

Mapping Information

Data is routinely gathered during maintenance or troubleshooting and is benchmarked and updated where necessary. Up-to-date mapping information:

  • reduces downtime or interruption of supply;
  • assists with planning and scheduling of future maintenance; and
  • mitigates the potential cost of troubleshooting.
Asset Auditing and Reporting

As part of a maintenance agreement, Clearflow Australia formally reports on any irregularities present in the assets that become obvious during cleaning, maintenance or troubleshooting:

  • the condition of water infrastructure is assessed and reported;
  • all water flows are confirmed;
  • the number, location, and condition of valves is audited; and
  • infrastructure is benchmarked against reticulation systems maps supplied by the pipeline owner or manager.