UGL Project

UGL-Kaefer, VIC

UGL-Kaefer is contracted to the Longford Gas Plant facility in Gippsland, Victoria. Clearflow was contracted by UGL-Kaefer to pig the heater tubes of a gas fired heater to remove build-up of carbon coke.

Tweed Shire Project

Tweed Shire Council, NSW

The Council has adopted a preventative maintenance programme with Clearflow Australia where water mains are cleaned using air scouring and pigging.

Toowoomba Regional Council Project

Toowoomba Regional Council, Qld

Toowoomba Regional Council recently had biological growth in a trunk main causing high chlorine demand on the water within the main.

Tenterfield Project

Tenterfield Shire Council, NSW

The Shire had ongoing problems with water quality and odour due to naturally occurring higher than normal deposits of manganese and iron in pipelines.

TasWater Small Towns Project

TasWater: The Small Towns Project, Tasmania

A number of Tasmanian towns were on boiled water alerts – meaning the build-up of biofilms and other contaminants was so high it was a requirement to boil tap water prior to drinking.

Tasmanian Irrigation

Tasmanian Irrigation required pigging of part of the Winnaleah Irrigation scheme in Tasmania’s north east.


TasWater, Tasmania

TasWater contacted Clearflow to scope the removal of slime-type bio-film from the internal bores of water reticulation system pipelines.

Sunstate Cement Project

Sunstate Cement Ltd, QLD

The build-up of hardened cement deposits, wastewater sludge and repeated blockages in vital extraction pipelines were causing costly shutdowns and down time for the client.

Solomon Islands Project

Solomon Water

A pipeline 30 meters below the surface of the sea, and secured to the ocean floor, 500m off shore, had restricted flow due to accumulated sand and natural sea life growth in the pipeline interior.

SA Water Project

SA Water, SA

A DN200 x 7.5km sewer pipe in the Adelaide Hills had compromised functionality due to a build-up of debris in the internal bore.